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Máy cân bằng lốp xe tải WBE-5210

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WBE 5210
  • Universal wheel balancers with automatic measuring process
  • WBE 5220 with ALUDATA weight sticking system with automatic measurement of diameter and distance and automatic locking of the arm in position
  • Concealed weight distribution and optimization program for passenger car wheels
  • Optional rim lighting and laser beam for more precise fitting of the balancing weights available as a special accessory for WBE 5220
  • Static and dynamic balancing, five light alloy programs for car tires and two programs for commercial vehicle tires
  • Integrated pneumatic lift for effortless lifting of the wheels
  • Extensive scope of delivery for car and commercial vehicle wheels:
  • Commercial vehicle basic clamping flange with wing nut, commercial vehicle standard flange, 2 spacer rings, 5 cones, wing nut, 4- and 5-arm star, studs and bolts
Technical data: WBE 5210    
Rim diameter  6" – 40"
Maximum rim width    24"
Maximum wheel diameter      1,200 mm
Maximum wheel width            550 mm
Maximum wheel weight          200 kg
Tire pressure connection        8 – 12 bar
Balancing speed, commercial vehicle            < 100 rpm
Balancing speed, passenger car        167 (50 Hz) – 200 (60 Hz) rpm
Dimensions (W x H x D)         2,400 x 1,870 x 1,245 mm
Weight 248 kg
Color   RAL 6018