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Máy cân chỉnh góc đặt bánh xe FWA-9000

Máy cân chỉnh góc đặt bánh xe FWA-9000, Công nghệ Laser, không chạm !
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Thông số đo:
- Góc Total Toe (trục trước và sau): +/-180
- Góc Toe riêng (trục trước và sau): +/-90
- Góc Camber (trục trước và sau): +/-100
- Góc lệch trục trước sau: +/-90
- Góc Castor: +/-220
- Góc Toe ngoài: 200

Công nghệ không chạm với tia laser và 3D camera

Giao diện trực quan trên màn hình

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Kết nối nhanh với cầu nâng

Non-Contact Wheel Alignment
The new FWA 9000 allows fast and accurate wheel alignment. At the same time and thanks to precise measured data, it is easy to generate additional turnovers with useful wheel-alignment tasks.

Non-Contact live measurement:
4 wheels simultaneously, without waiting time.
Non-contact high-speed diagnosis:
Smart Test provides quick values about camber, individual and total toe. Eliminates set-up time for tire clamps, rim targets and marks.
FWA 9000 Ready:
Smart Link lift adaption to measure almost any vehicle type, track width and wheelbase.
Contact-free Precision:
Top repeating accuracy through laser and 3D stereo cameras.
Reference system:
Permanent live monitoring of the 4 sensor heads through 3D reference.
Contact-free increase in revenue:
Faster measuring. More customers. Increase in turnovers.

Technical data FWA 9000
Wheel bases Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) 1,800 to 3,750 mm
Input voltage
Input frequency
Power 100 – 240 V AC (10A)
50-60 Hz

0.5 kW
PC trolley
Weight 1,520 x 880 x 770 mm
60 kg
Sensor head
Weight 650 x 880 x 330 mm
21 kg
Laser class Laser class 1M
DIN EN 60825-1:2007

Measuring range
Total toe (front axle + rear axle) ±18°
Individual toe (front axle + rear axle) ±9°
Camber (front axle + rear axle) ±10°
Geometrical driving axis ±9°
Castor ±22°
Toe-out on turns ±20°