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Module chẩn đoán lỗi ô tô KTS-515

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Optimum entry level solution with Bluetooth connection to PC or laptop
Check emissions easily, quickly and as per the OBD standard
Read out OBD modes 1 – 9 (current functional scope of OBD standard)
View standardized P0 codes
Supports all four communication protocols
OBD module for retrofitting Bosch exhaust analyzers
Simple, familiar user guidance
Software update option when OBD standard is extended
Reprogram control units as per Euro 5 (PassThru)
Complete OBD diagnosis for all vehicle makes

Technical data: KTS 515
Printout Commercially available printer (via PC)
Connections OBD diagnostic cable, USB, Bluetooth, power supply unit, operating display
(W x H x D) 170 x 120 x 35 mm
Weight 0.33 kg

USB cable, 2 m (1 684 465 507)
OBD adapter cable, 5 m (1 684 465 567)

Scope of delivery
Part number: 0 684 400 515
OBD diagnostic cable
PC module connecting cable (USB)
USB Bluetooth adapter
Software emissions test OBD with KTS 515 PC program
Power supply unit
Part number: 1 690 320 019 (S1 version)
TFT monitor
Color inkjet printer
Measured value recorder
Connecting cable
Steering wheel lock
Brake pedal lock
Standard software package with target data