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Thiết bị đọc xóa lỗi chẩn đóa ô tô KTS 870 (DCU 130 + KTS 570)

Bộ thiết bị đọc xóa lỗi chẩn đóa ô tô KTS 870 là sự ghép nối 2 thiết bị : màn hình cảm ứng không dây DCU 130 và máy đọc lỗi KTS 570
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Bộ thiết bị đọc xóa lỗi chẩn đóa ô tô KTS 870 là sự ghép nối 2 thiết bị : màn hình cảm ứng không dây DCU 130 và máy đọc lỗi  KTS 570

KTS 870 (DCU 130 + KTS 570):
The mobile test system for diagnosing electrical and electronic components
Intelligent and future-proof thanks to internal OBD interchangeable adapter
Easy connection of KTS module to vehicle
Clear communication thanks to multiplexer and cable adapter recognition: K and L line, SAE and CAN can be switched to all possible terminals on the OBD plug
Intelligent adapter cable ensures: – Reliable multiplexer actuation – Automatic control unit search function
Integrated 2-channel multimeter and 2-channel oscilloscope
Resistance measurement with extended measuring ranges
Voltage measurement with enhanced measurement functions
Module holder: Simple to fasten and detach
Optical and acoustic status recognition and monitoring of wireless connection
Simulation mode individually adjustable via DDC (Diagnostics Device Configuration), demonstration without vehicle possible
Continuity tester for fault localization and diode measurement for testing components
Option of connecting FSA current probes
Powered by ESI[tronic]

Technical data: KTS 870
Car diagnostic programs ISO 9141-2, K/L lines, flash code

ISO systems for EU vehicles

SAE systems for American and Japanese vehicles:
SAE J 1850 VPW (Ford) conforms to ISO 11 519-4

SAE J 1850 PWM (GM,...) conforms to ISO 11 519-4

OBD CAN protocols:
CAN ISO 11898 ISO 15765-4 OBD

High speed:High speed, middle speed, low speed and single wire CAN
Wireless connection to PC Bluetooth, WLAN, USB port, AWN capable. Integration in internal company networks
Measuring equipment 1-channel multimeter
2-channel multimeter
2-channel oscilloscope:
Input resistance: 1 mohm

Trigger: Various sources
Saves: 50 signal curves on 2 channels

Channel 1: Zero potential
Channel 2: Zero potential
Operation Touchscreen, keys
Display 13.3" touchscreen
OBD interchangeable adapter, controlled by ESI[tronic] software Replaceable, multiplexer
Connection options DVD drive, keyboard, mouse, printer connection
Equipment Drip-proof, effective impact protection, operating temperature range 0 to 40 °C
Power supply Via vehicle battery (diagnostic plug), internal battery, cigarette lighter, power supply unit
Possible ESI[tronic] information Catalog and parts information, order processing and calculation, on board diagnosis and repair, product diagnosis and repair, diagnosis, OBD diagnosis
IMPORTANT Device only functions if ESI[tronic] is activated/licensed


Tire valve activator (1 687 200 663)
AC/DC current probe, 100/600 A (1 687 224 864)
Canon printer IP 3600 (1 687 023 606)
USB cable, 1.0 m (1 684 465 491)
Trolley without charging station (1 688 003 246)
Charging station (1 687 023 591)
Mechanical holder (1 687 023 590)
Battery charging station (1 687 335 036)
Spare battery DCU 130 (1 687 335 037)
Various adapter cables (1 684 463 7xx)

Scope of delivery
Power supply unit (15 V / 1 A)
Power supply unit (20 V / 3.5 A)
Power cord
OBD interchangeable adapter
OBD diagnostic cable, 1.5 m
4-way uni adapter
2-core test lead (red, black) 3 m
2-core test lead (blue, yellow) 3 m
Test lead, black
2x test rods, red
Terminal, black
DVD drive
USB cable, 3 m
Bluetooth USB adapter
Holder KTS 540 / 570
2x lithium-ion batteries for DCU 130